Dear Cathy,   The new piece is keeping me so busy and out of breath that I hardly find a minute to do anything else...like writing a letter.   I am extremely pleased that Valdine Anderson has accepted to sing my "Quatre Chants..." and I am composing the last movement thinking more of her voice. Could you please give me her address so that I can directly communicate with her.   "Quatre Chants pour franchir le Seiul" are in four movements. The score of the three first will be available by the end of October. As for the last movement (alas not finished yet!...) it will be copied by December.   The pieces last fourty minutes and offer, as my music often does, several serious difficulties. Regarding the rehearsal schedule I would like to ask you, in any case, to not consider the piece as lasting the usual twenty minutes and therefore think about the amount of rehearsals you would normally shcedule for two pieces. More over, it requires two excellent tuba players and two excellent saxofon players. As for the rest of the musicians, I know how good and cooperative the musicians of the London Sinfonietta can be. Some particularly (percussion, rare instruments etc...) will be mentioned in the score and discussed with you later.   Going back to compose, I hope to hear from you soon  With my best wishes,   G Grisey
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